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Corporations use mainframes for applications that depend on scalability and reliability. Businesses today rely on the mainframe to perform large-scale transaction processing.


Mini Computers

They were primarily designed for business applications and services that require the performance and efficiency of mainframe computers.



With computers, we are able to work quicker and more efficiently because of how advanced they are. They can store masses of memory and data and you can open up many applications on the internet to help with your work.



Laptops give students the flexibility and freedom they need to work on academic assignments anytime, anywhere.



Having a tablet lying around as a general all-purpose device—for quickly checking email, reading the web, or killing a few minutes with a game.


Smart Phone – PDAs – Personal Digital Assistant

The importance of cell phones goes way beyond the ability to make or receive phone calls. Cell phone users can instantly send data to the home or office, check for important email, use their cell phone as a PDA or calendar, and store photos which can be easily transferred to a PC or laptop computer.


Smart Watch

For us, notifications are the main reason you'd buy a smartwatch. The ease of having them sent to your wrist and being able to identify their importance without removing your phone from a pocket or bag is invaluable.


Game Controller/Console

This allows you tom play games on the computer or console and they are easy to use for games


Control Systems

A control system manages, commands, directs, or regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems using control loops.



In factories every work is done through the helps to control the machine of the factories and also helps for control the worker. it can solve the machine problems too.

Machine monitoring/control

Computer numerical control (CNC) is used to control manufacturing equipment, or multiple tools within a single machine cell. Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are computers used to automate industrial processes. Programmable automation controllers (PAC) may be considered standardized, commercial PLCs.


Robotic productions systems

There are six main types of industrial robots: cartesian, SCARA, cylindrical, delta, polar and vertically articulated. However, there are several additional types of robot configurations. Each of these types offers a different joint configuration.

Hazardous environments

The specifications of a PC needed for use on an oil refinery is very different to the requirements of one being used in a clean room laboratory or a food packaging plant, for example.


Home Budget. Computer can be used to manage Home Budget. Computer Games. An important use of computers at home is playing games. Working from Home. People can manage the office work at home. Entertainment.


Built-in computer that can be connected to the Internet. This refrigerator can keep track of what foods are stored in it and how long they've been there.

Washing machine

They tell you on your phone when the wash is completed or when something has gone wrong or when it’s started.

Burglar alarms

When you set a code into the passcode on the wall it triggers the alarm to set off when it detects movement after the alarm is set.

Car management

Each ECU has several jobs: controlling the engine or transmission, rolling up windows, unlocking doors, and the like.


Sensors are input devices that record data about the physical environment around it

Fuel control

It allows you to monitor the amount of fuel in the car or being let out while driving.

Driverless cars

These have several sensors in the front that can detect when an object is too close to it and it will steer or stop.