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Computer defined
build a pc
Inside a computer
Data Storage
Logic Gates
Types of Computers
operating systems
Application software
Web development
Data base
stock control
computer math
computer languages
system lifestyle
control systems
data types
identity loss
threats to computers
it and crime
it pro role

Introduction to the course

  1. The Examination Board
    CIE – Cambridge International Examinations

  2. The Course
    Cambridge iGCSE Computer Science 0984

Hello my name is Joshua, I live in Carlisle and go to school in Carlisle. I like football and rugby. I play winger in rugby but can play any position in football. I’m 15 years old and my birthday is in September. I spend most my spare time playing games on the Xbox with my friends.    



All the downloads for this section are on:

PupilData\ICT\iGCSE Computer Science\

  1. Syllabus – this is dated for the exam year

  2. Scheme of Work – this explains when we cover the topics

  3. Web pages – this file

  4. Revision checklist – this list all the topics


  1. Cambridge International Examination Board

  2. Useful MOOC website for iGCSE students  

  3. BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT

  4. Link to your student webpages  

  5. CraignDave  

  6. Very useful iGCSE ICT website  

  7. w3schools – HTML & CSS tutorial and help pages

  8. Microsoft Small Basic  

  9. – Python programming

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