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What is a Computer?

Define what a computer is – A computer is a machine that can be programmed to do certain tasks. E.G A laptop, A phone, an air conditioner.

Computer Model 1
Computer model 1

Why do we use Computers? – give an example for each reason

Storing large amounts of Data

The NHS (Medical records and details)

Amazon (Customer transactions and details)

Rapid processing of Data to produce Information

Google search (Millions of searches per seconds)

Car Systems (The car needs to stop or go immediately)


Email (People can send a message to a place far away is seconds)

Phone calls (You can call someone and within seconds they can answer)

Computer Model 2
Computer Model 2

History - list of examples and why they were developed

Babbage – analogue

It does thousands of mathematical calculations to produce log tables.

WW2 Bombe & Colossus

It was used to break the German codes during ww2.

Post war LEO - early electronic

For commercial purposes. Produced so it could get the correct amount of goods ordered by the Lyon corner shops. A lot of thing in Britain: Train timetables, taxes.

1980s - PCs

They were originally built so two men the marketing rights to an operating system. They are what we base our modern computers off. First small computers.

Modern - some examples

For speed and so that we can communicate really fast. Phones, laptops, Xbox, Playstation.



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  1. Inputs

  2. Outputs

  3. Storage Media

  4. Computer Parts

  5. Computer Definitions – to be added later

  6. Software